• q-iconHow Do I Get People To Leave A Review?

    It’s easy! Our system makes sure you’re getting reviews and feed back every day! For doctors and professionals who have an office location, simply have your patients sign your electronic device at your receptionists desk. (We recommend using an inexpensive tablet or other mobile device as they check in.) If you forget, you can simply text input their name, phone and email into your dashboard and they will automatically receive a feedback request. Our online (Name, email, phone) form can be used by service people at the time they first arrive at the customers residence.

  • q-iconCan I Get Reviews From Former Patients, Clients Or Customers?

    Absolutely Yes. With our proprietary email system, whenever you add a new patient, client or customers name and email in your personal CRM, they will automatically be sent a courteous and professionally written email asking for a review. (You can even text to enter them into the campaign.) The emails are already written for you and will be “dripped” out to politely ask for a review. Even Demandforce patients can be followed up with to have them leave a review online. (Even past and recent patients that ONLY left a review on your Demandforce page.)

  • q-iconDo I Have To Sign A Contract Like Most Companies Require?

    NO. We do NOT require a contract, so you have the opportunity to see how the system builds your 5 star reputation faster than any other platform and market your business in a way no other system can. We believe if you are not happy with our platform, you should be allowed to cancel the product at any time.

  • q-iconDo I Have To Pay A "Setup Fee" To Get Started?

    NO. There are some “hard costs” involved in setting up your system, (company info, media center, phone app, social media networks and search directories input). These are all very important to properly set up your account and dashboard, giving you all analytics so that you can monitor and track the results. So the first month cost includes all setup costs.

  • q-iconHow Much Work Is Necessary On My Part?

    Ask your client, patient or customer to sign in (Name, Email and Phone on your tablet or cell phone) That’s it!… We do all the heavy lifting. Fill in our Intake Form and sit back and let us do all the rest. We even provide quick help videos that explain every section of your dashboard, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your entire platform. We do everything for you, except “stand in your office” and ask for feedback from your patients, clients and customers.

  • q-iconDo You Offer Support If I Have A Question About Something?

    Absolutely! We provide support and help for you whenever you need it. You can reach us by phone and email. Feel free to contact us anytime you have a question. (But the help videos in every tab of your dashboard explain everything very clearly for you.)

  • q-iconWhat If We Are A Business That Goes To A Customers Location?

    If you’re a business where you visit a customer location, simply hand them your cell phone and have them sign in. (Name, Email and Phone) That’s it! We also have professionally designed printed media pieces created in your custom designed “media center.” All printed media pieces have a QR code that links to your custom review page. Using their phone, a client or customer will be taken to your “custom review page” on your website. The phone app is another good way to get the review. (And your automated email campaign will backup any missed opportunities.)

  • q-iconWill Any Bad Reviews Post To My Website?

    NO. Never. We only show 5 star reviews and our proprietary system will automatically disallow the reviewer from uploading the bad review to Google, Yelp, Yahoo etc. through your website. (Any reviews left on a search directory that did NOT first get added to your “Review Us” page on your website, will be sent to your email as an alert immediately.) This allows you to follow up right away.

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Kevin Page Kevin Page, Cape Shore PMI

Just got FIVE new clients this week and they told me that they decided on Cape Shore PMI because of the reviews and my reputation! Never even asked me how much do I charge! Using Reputation Market Builder gets my businesses plenty of new clients. It works! I use it for both of my websites and the growth is amazing. Highly recommend!

Jasmine Martinson Jasmine Martinson, Family of Faith Haiti

Finding fast, efficient and courteous service in this fast paced culture is rare. But Florida SEO Hub has proven that it still exists! I couldn't be any happier. I love my website too! From a dull and boring website to a bright and captivating one in just a matter of days! Thank you for an excellent performance!! I highly recommend this company to anyone!

Jerry Sitzlar Jerry Sitzlar, Emergency One Electric

Working with Steve has been a God send. Florida SEO Hub understands what is needed for the marketplace. Reputation Market Builder really works! More calls that before! Plus great pricing with excellent and fast service. Thanks again Steve for taking a burden off of our shoulders.

Erik Dattwyler Erik Dattwyler, Web Based Coding

The reputation marketing videos really boosted my business. Showing video reviews make it easy for my potential clients to see that they should do business with me. I recommend this service to anyone who wants an edge in marketing.


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