Reputation Marketing Is NOT Reputation Management

Reputation Marketing

is NOT what most companies try and sell you for your business, as reputation management. Reputation management is a defensive posture. We do NOT do reputation management.

That won’t get a business new clients, customers or patients. That won’t get them increased profits either.

That’s like putting a fence around your yard with an apple tree so the neighbor kids don’t steal your apples. That’s reputation “management.”


reputation marketing,

we go out, tear the fence down and take apples to the whole world and then tell them to recommend us to their other friends.

Reputation marketing

is an “offensive” strategy that works so well! Trying to “manage” a reputation is like trying to keep the mosquitoes away from you by swatting them in the summer night.

Rep marketing involves a complete strategy and then a complete change of culture at the ground level of your customers with your employees. There can never be a weak link.

Putting all the pieces in place we provide for our customers, literally gets businesses a 5 star rating and enables them to keep it! This results in them being the market leader in their industry.

Reputation is the MOST important way you can market your business online. Your reputation is everything. The online marketing game has changed. And your competition doesn’t know about it… yet.

Anytime a person does a search for a “company name and that city,” their companies reputation is revealed. They are completely “naked” and exposed to the whole world.

reputation marketingDo they have 4 good reviews and 2 BAD ones? Or maybe 4 really good ones, but still have a really BAD one…

Customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing. Bad reviews show up everywhere. Google maps and pages, Adwords advertising, website rankings, organic rankings and local directories.

SEO, social media, pay per click advertising and local marketing won’t work if you have bad reviews online.

Did you know that buyers trust reviews as much as “personal recommendations?” Over 70% of people trust reviews of others posted online about a product or service.

ONLY recommendations from people they personally know, caring more weight. Consumers look up an average of 10 reviews before making a decision.

Seventy percent of consumers trust a business with at least 6-10 reviews. And that number is growing everyday. (And they better not be BAD ones.)

Reputation marketing is positioning yourself as the market leader in front of thousands of buyers with a 5 Star reputation.

How do you create a marketing strategy with your reputation?

We do it for our customers using a proprietary system and software that ensures our clients a 5 star rating, more new customers and increased profits.

There are 4 types of “reputations:”

  • Bad reputation
  • No reputation
  • Good reputation
  • 5 Star reputation

Which one would you want for your business?

The answer is obvious and NO business wants to have a reputation that causes a loss of business or revenue, but too many business owners still don’t understand that their reputation online will directly relate to their success or failure in the new age of marketing and shopping on the internet.

A study showed, ONLY 1-3 bad reviews will cause 67% of people NOT to call your business and will send them to the competition. Your online “report card” is what will determine them calling you or not.

So, what is important for any business in reputation management, reputation monitoring and reputation marketing! Without all of these in the mix, a business is left without the control they really need to manage their 5 star rating.

If you’d like to know more about how we can get your business to the top and have a 5 star reputation, please call (239) 980-1643 Today!

Author: Steve Berchtold